Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Time to get real people. I am noticing more and more people getting boyfriends/girlfriends. Not saying this is a bad thing this could be a potential make or break with people an eye opener.But the thing about relationships are we can either live for them, or we can try and have a life as well.  We need balance in our lives people really when you have to cater your equal 24/7 then there is something seriously wrong. Majority of us "fall in love". But are we falling for the right reasons? In a relationship we tend to go out of our comfort zone. Wether its trying a new church or making some desicions that down the road will not look to bright. Im not typing this up to lecture. Im saying this to try to keep us from falling in a hole. We need to realise the order in which we should give attention to things God being the first and formost thing on that list the other things are up to you we should try to grow stronger in the lord through our relationships with other people. We can grow in our Faith and in our relationships at the same time it is possible. Its all hard work.

Ask yourself these four simple questions:

1.) Are you doing the right thing by God in your relationships?
2.)Am i treating my equal with respect?
3.)Am i happy with where i am?
4.)Am i representing the God or my Flesh?