Friday, May 6, 2011


So its been a good amount of time. Sorry for the absence here is some food for thought.

Have you ever sat down and thought that ever since we were little people have shaped us... Shaped us into what we are now and the littlest gesture of negativity when we were younger would wreck us. Now we turn that some times constructive criticism into something worse than need be, blocking it from our minds because we have barriers that haven't been broken.

The barriers that keep us from being open minded and keep us from doing our duty not only Christ followers but friends and in our relationships as well. People have different perspectives at all time. And for as long as there are people on Earth there will be a point in which we were shaped that we will differ from some of the most important people in our life's. 

That being said. We have a chance to listen or not listen to be open minded to change or not to. God gave us that right. We can break out of the 3-d square (aka a box). Its simple just think things through. Accept fact, look at things from a different angle there are usually more than one way to solve a problem. And when you seek for advice... Don't get mad your the one that asked.