Friday, December 2, 2011


I cant think of any better time to do this post. I love everyone and i am thankful for all who influenced
my life good and bad. But there are way to many wreck less thinkers in this world... I look at it this way say a fire is started, and when you go to put it out by spraying water on it the only thing it does is spreads. So here you are thinking.... Why didn't that work..? Or are you saying oh MORE WATER!!!
Majority of people are saying more water... But what you don't know is its a grease fire, and that water will only make it worse and worse. See here's the thing we hear about people talking bad about us or something goes wrong in our lives and we get set in our ways thinking of only 1 solution however radical or passive it maybe. Why not consider multiple and even ask someone more intelligent than you like God... Hah just saying oh well LOVE ALL Y'ALL.
This is a good friend of mine. Listen to the Lyrics. Dig deeper than normal you might like it.