Sunday, April 22, 2012

He is...

           Last night I went to a church service, now this is different in a couple of ways. 1 it was a Saturday, 2 it was at 7pm, and 3 Matt Chandler was there... Look him up he is amazing. See during the time he was speaking i was trying my absolute best to keep up with everything that was being said, but that isn't the most easy thing to do when Matt Chandler is throwing the Gospel down your throat. And i mean this in the best way possible he was giving out so much knowledge i even as deep as i am couldn't keep up. After he made his last point and wrapped up the service with a prayer, the seven of us that attended left. It is a 45 minute ride home but we stop to get some food. This entire time i sat in quiet and we are almost completely home before i thought i was done processing what he said. And to be honest i wasn't even close. I mean the magnitude of his speaking was incredible. It gave me cold chills when he depicted how God ruthlessly and viciously pursued after him and how that through these series of events he finally surrendered. And i was bewildered when i started to think... well i was like that too. Why couldn't i go looking out for Jesus and not vice-versa? I sadly never came to the conclusion. Something he said later struck home. He said that he doesn't what his kids to have to be in that situation he said that he wants them from the day they are born to know Jesus and love him. He said he wanted there walk to be continuous and to have never ending growth. I don't know what that looks like. Because well my growth falters from time to time.I have had a rocky past full of sin and evil deeds against God, but another thing he said is compared to the men and women of the Bible we are JV sinners. That we have nothing against these people. So what makes our sin so much different than theirs? Nothing at all our sin is no better or worse than theirs was. Nothing we do is any greater a sin or lesser a sin than what happened back in biblical times. 
           See the point behind all of those details was that God is bigger than you and I and that no matter how many times we screw things up, stumble, and quite frankly fail at being a Christ Follower, Jesus died on the cross for us! Nothing we can do can thwart that. EVER...

Do you get it? Jesus went through hell on Earth so that we could find eternal life. So we don't only live once, so we don't lose hope, so we don't die, and alone not knowing true love. He is... Love... Compassion... Forgiveness... Grace... Hope... Joy... Happiness... He is ultimately as Christ Followers our identity... He is.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It Matters.

 It's weird how thing click so randomly. To be even more random i wasn't even supposed to be here which idk i might have covered. I don't remember. Back on track the trip was about 300 dollars and i hadn't planned on going because of the amount of money. Well my youth pastor and God worked some things out and got together enough money for me to go and then some... The funny part about this is they raised  the money the day before we left for Philly. Amazing how things work out. No. Its amazing how God works. And simply put there is no denying it with out God i wouldn't have made it on the trip.
What does it mean to go on a mission trip? The reality of this idea hit me in the middle of the introduction of  a church service in Philly. I mean yes obviously we are serving people. But is it that manageable of a thought process to absorb.? Well i am here to tell you its not. In the service that we are exemplifying upon others and the community around us there is we are practicing good stewardship, caring for others, branching out to others, engrossing our lives in ethnic groups that quiet frankly we never would be in if it wasn't God's will and most of being disciples spreading the gospel or the good news to people. See you need to get this we as Christ Followers are supposed to be put in uncomfortable situations so we can overcome through God and grow in him. If we were not tested then we would not know where we stood, not that it matters but we as humans need growth and foundation upon which we grow from. 

That being said every act of kindness, wickedness, love, hate, lust, innocence. Every tiny little thing matters. IT MATTERS if you walk passed the girl crying and you don't say a word because you think its not your business. IT MATTERS when a middle-schooler from your youth group is hurting and you go and talk to them telling them words of encouragement reaching out to them making sure they know they are loved. IT MATTERS WHEN THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU THINKS ALL HOPE IS LOST AND YOU TELL THEM THAT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST WE WILL BE SET FREE AND THAT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Get on your knees and repent, confess your sins be convicted by the holy spirit, IT MATTERS.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Every second of everyday we make decisions and each and everyone of them effects the next . I want people to understand that every decision we make is a life changing one. Because something we do now may not affect us until three days from now a week a month a year even. Until we are surrounded by and elaborate web of decisions that we are stuck with and we didn't know when we made them that we would come to the surface or make an impact on our lives or even other peoples. And i know we have heard the timeless cliches you reap what you sow and what goes around comes around. But the truth is these are more than true it even says so in scripture matter of fact Paul dedicated a whole chapter to it in Galatians. Its chapter 6 read it... It may change your outlook on life.  We make tons of microscopic choices every day and it starts that web i was talking about earlier... Because of the choices we make that we think don't matter in our lives or others, we become hardened and complacent to them. I am guilty of this myself... I do it all the time and i often find my self in the middle of the filth of sin that i had committed in past years before i became close to the lord. Regardless those little decisions that were nothing now mean absolutely everything... Girls and guys alike we often think that we are to good to minister and help people that have been engrossed in sin. The bibles says if we think that about others than we are nobodies.Get this go out and minister help those who don't know better as well as those who do but cannot help themselves. Any ways thanks for reading there will be a bunch more here to come in the future, sorry for the sloppiness of my grammar i am exhausted. 

God bless i love you all.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Anger, Rage, Wrath...

Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.

This week has been hell i don't know any other real way to put it. Me personally i sin. I cuss and i have problems controlling my thoughts. I wont lie I'm being straight forward, but the worst thing is when you get so mad you lash out and say things or get physical because you cant respond any differently. Or at least you don't think you can. 

See my environment growing up wasn't to bad. i grew up in a family where venting your anger was just something that involved yelling and threats and a slap every once in a while or a harsh spanking but other than that nothing more. So naturally i grew more and more accustomed to showing my anger til i got to the point where i was upset and raging all the time... with the influence of God and a couple of good beatings from my mom  that subsided and more or less i can control it.... well as of lately its been being tested. And when i mean being tested i mean its like putting an addict in front of their addiction and saying its yours but its the last time you can have it for a longggggg time. So finally after this week of being tried i took the bait. And it felt amazing... Til i came down off the rage then i realized i just really messed up. What was messed up about it is i snapped so hard i don't even remember what all was said and if i didn't have some one to cull my rage i would have probably been in jail right now. Its like something Benjamin Franklin once said, what begins in anger ends in shame. And all crap aside i was embarrassed and ashamed that i let go like that.
Take heed don't make my mistake fight against it, God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Matthew 5:7 ...
 Get this guys. Its crucial that im not wasting my time i want to see a change in the world. Pay it forward. when your mad bury yourself in scripture and prayer. Dont lash out and be foolish... please I am saying this in utter desperation.
God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God. get this its important that you understand peacemaking isn't only of that around you but in your heart... do it through Christ i will leave you guys with this.... No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scripture stuffs Valentines Day

Philippians is letters from Paul to a church. And must i say this guy was well is a genius. Check it he says dear brothers and sisters I AM STILL NOT ALL I SHOULD BE! That coming from one of the most holy men of the era. He is essentially saying i can do BETTER and i will work harder to be more like Jesus. He then says racing to the finish to receive the prize for which God through Christ is Heaven.
Christians and doubters alike we are not meant to be perfect to never sin because if that was the case God wouldn't have sent his only son to die a brutal death for us. Later on in the book Paul says as Christ Followers we should be eagerly waiting to the return of our savior. So that he will take these weak mortal bodies of ours and change them to be glorious like his. Death is not something to be afraid of people. He also says be full of JOY  in the Lord. Rejoice! be considerate in all you do! Remember the Lord is coming soon. Don't worry about anything; pray about everything and tell God what you need and be thankful for all he gave you!

ALL THIS IS COMING FROM A MAN IN JAIL! we are free with little that stands in our way look at the Bill of Rights people. But yet we find it hard to rejoice... And tell others of the Gospel or the Good news... I mean i am sitting in my room depressed and all i can think about is. How can i help the people around me i feel like we are all spiraling out of Gods reach. I heard today that God has a hand reaching to all of us but its OUR job more like obligation to reach up a receive him guys this is huge, please get this. God helps those who helps themselves. 
I am a sinner don't get me wrong and i strive to stay pure every day is a struggle. Following Christ doesn't make it easy on us. I promise it will fill like the weight of the world is on you until you realize its all worth it. Then it will be gone. Idk how to stress this anymore. I love all and wish for greatness out of you. Keep your heads up guys. Keep it real. Im out

Monday, February 13, 2012

feb 13 2012

I had something special planned for today but then i left it at school. What i had planned was every 2 or 3 days i will do a mainly scripture based blog. For those who read my blog but don't seem to ingest the bible as well. Anyways that will be coming tomorrow most likely. But other than that i want to give a shout out to the people who read this i love fed back it makes my day walking into a class and someone say hey i read your blog... Its amazing. Or even if some1 was to tell me they didnt like it I would be happy because hey their reading it. Anyways back to todays subject... I have a football game i will cut it short so i am typing fast and not thinking stuff through... So sorry for any mistakes


Sunday, February 12, 2012

FEB 12TH!!


I started typing this big long rant about Valentines day and what is represents then i realized... Eh i could careless about what it means to other people cause it means absolutely nothing to me, AT ALL... I know I'm sad and going to be lonely the rest of my life right? Oh well. Moving on i was having a conversation with my youth pastor JJ and i forget what we were talking about but my mind began to wander to the possibility of me being some1 that actually does good in the world and doesn't fall  in the basic scheme of things once i get to old for youth group. As most of us know i am by no means an amazing example of purity, patience, wisdom or even happiness for that matter. But the truth of the matter is people seem to look up to me. Even if it is only my little brother or some of the freshman on the wrestling and football team or the middle schoolers at church. People look up to me... WOW that's an amazing thought, so that means nothing i do gets just looked over. Nothing i say gets tossed in the trash. Wait that's kind of scary isn't it? I mean what if they knew who we are in secret what effect would that have on them?  I mean I'm asking this hoping to get responses. How do you think people feel that look up to us as Christ Followers feel when we show them we care, and its not superficial. Its funny how little things in our behavior may make some people love or despise us. Well sorry for rambling what i am meaning is YOU yes YOU reading this has some1 watching you that thinks the world of you and if there is a side of them you don't want them to see as Christ Followers than its probably not a side you should have. I mean i am not perfect no where near but i am working slowly to be a better example for those people. I mean I'm not famous by no means but my blogs have been read about 600 times which means there is a pretty decent possibility someone has taken stock in what i have said and changed. IDK maybe I'm imagining things but i feel like God is moving rapidly through our generation. Lets make a stand a difference to the people who look up and respect us. Lets change people by changing. One more thing i love all everyone. And remember your defined not by your worst moments but by who you are going to be through God.

this is the type of stuff i listen to... Though i'd share

Friday, February 10, 2012

Today is the 9th day of February of the year of 2012

Sometimes things need to get worse before they get better...

             Do you understand what this means? It means that God is going to test us and test us and test us until we think how can things get worse. And guess what... IT'LL GET WORSE! What people don't realize is that as Christians we have to be tested to stay honest to ourselves and to God. Idk what more to say than that. Short Post today guys... One more thing KEEP YOUR HEADS UP NO MATTER WHAT, PEOPLE LOVE AND CARE FOR YOU. 

God is lord. God is love. God is life. LIVE IT.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb 8th, 2012

Today i took a listen to pure music challenge... It will be one of the most hard things in the world to do. Don't get me wrong i am going to succeed but it wont be easy. 
On the other hand how often do are we driving on the road of life without a map... Just winging it. Taking back roads to nowhere and highways to regret. Or even getting some positive things out of the experiences we have. Well think about it this way whether you want to realize it or not our life isn't in our own hands. Sure we have free will. But if God wants us to come home. Then we as Christians have no other choice. On another note, where do we draw the line saying this is enough? I'm tired of being hurt, I'm tired of being depressed, I'm tired of being stuck in this clique, just being tired to the point of breaking down. Or do we put one foot forward and be different and say hey... I'm not really like you I'm like ME. And ME as an INDIVIDUAL believes in God and is not perfect but is striving everyday. Sure i have mishaps but i am a Christ Follower and through him all things are possible.

In youth group today at Merge Student Ministries i was listening to J.J. Gawlowicz talk about this amazing winter retreat we went on two weekends ago. There was tons of bonding in the group and of the multitude of people who were at the event people stepped up out of no where. I mean middle school kids taking charge people who I had never heard talk before making a voice for themselves through Christ. But it dawned on me i had been part of that trip for 2 years consecutive and unfortunately next year i will not be able to go. I began to wonder to myself have i impacted the people around me enough to where i will live on through their decisions and thought process will my actions help these amazing individuals shape their lives to become something great or will they say... Oh yeah Trey ha ha he was.... coool? Idk food for thought I guess ...
That is all see yous guys tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feb. 7th, 2012

I'm challenging myself to start blogging... About anything and everything see if i can get any one's attention i used to blog pretty regularly but now. I'm going to do it everyday. Some days... are going to be very boring but other days, i will have a bit more motivation.

           Today in American govt i had a very interesting conversation with a group of individuals. And one guy in particular hated Christians saying that we were all hypocrites and that we all believed that if its not our way its no way... Then this genius Jose Aroma Viera interjected.. Saying that Jesus never called anyone to a religion, that he called them to faith. And that got me to thinking... What kind of world would we live if people stopped pushing a religion and started telling people about the awesomeness of Jesus. Not that hey you gotta believe us or you gonna rot in Hell... Maybe that's not the best thing to tell skeptics. Idk just my opinion...
           But hey read it follow it idk...Oh yeah check out Jose's music he is amazing.