Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scripture stuffs Valentines Day

Philippians is letters from Paul to a church. And must i say this guy was well is a genius. Check it he says dear brothers and sisters I AM STILL NOT ALL I SHOULD BE! That coming from one of the most holy men of the era. He is essentially saying i can do BETTER and i will work harder to be more like Jesus. He then says racing to the finish to receive the prize for which God through Christ is Heaven.
Christians and doubters alike we are not meant to be perfect to never sin because if that was the case God wouldn't have sent his only son to die a brutal death for us. Later on in the book Paul says as Christ Followers we should be eagerly waiting to the return of our savior. So that he will take these weak mortal bodies of ours and change them to be glorious like his. Death is not something to be afraid of people. He also says be full of JOY  in the Lord. Rejoice! be considerate in all you do! Remember the Lord is coming soon. Don't worry about anything; pray about everything and tell God what you need and be thankful for all he gave you!

ALL THIS IS COMING FROM A MAN IN JAIL! we are free with little that stands in our way look at the Bill of Rights people. But yet we find it hard to rejoice... And tell others of the Gospel or the Good news... I mean i am sitting in my room depressed and all i can think about is. How can i help the people around me i feel like we are all spiraling out of Gods reach. I heard today that God has a hand reaching to all of us but its OUR job more like obligation to reach up a receive him guys this is huge, please get this. God helps those who helps themselves. 
I am a sinner don't get me wrong and i strive to stay pure every day is a struggle. Following Christ doesn't make it easy on us. I promise it will fill like the weight of the world is on you until you realize its all worth it. Then it will be gone. Idk how to stress this anymore. I love all and wish for greatness out of you. Keep your heads up guys. Keep it real. Im out


  1. trey. i cant even begin to put into words how proud i am of you and the man of God you have become. youre an inspiration. youre finally getting it. i love you and i cant wait to see what else God has planned for your life!