Sunday, February 12, 2012

FEB 12TH!!


I started typing this big long rant about Valentines day and what is represents then i realized... Eh i could careless about what it means to other people cause it means absolutely nothing to me, AT ALL... I know I'm sad and going to be lonely the rest of my life right? Oh well. Moving on i was having a conversation with my youth pastor JJ and i forget what we were talking about but my mind began to wander to the possibility of me being some1 that actually does good in the world and doesn't fall  in the basic scheme of things once i get to old for youth group. As most of us know i am by no means an amazing example of purity, patience, wisdom or even happiness for that matter. But the truth of the matter is people seem to look up to me. Even if it is only my little brother or some of the freshman on the wrestling and football team or the middle schoolers at church. People look up to me... WOW that's an amazing thought, so that means nothing i do gets just looked over. Nothing i say gets tossed in the trash. Wait that's kind of scary isn't it? I mean what if they knew who we are in secret what effect would that have on them?  I mean I'm asking this hoping to get responses. How do you think people feel that look up to us as Christ Followers feel when we show them we care, and its not superficial. Its funny how little things in our behavior may make some people love or despise us. Well sorry for rambling what i am meaning is YOU yes YOU reading this has some1 watching you that thinks the world of you and if there is a side of them you don't want them to see as Christ Followers than its probably not a side you should have. I mean i am not perfect no where near but i am working slowly to be a better example for those people. I mean I'm not famous by no means but my blogs have been read about 600 times which means there is a pretty decent possibility someone has taken stock in what i have said and changed. IDK maybe I'm imagining things but i feel like God is moving rapidly through our generation. Lets make a stand a difference to the people who look up and respect us. Lets change people by changing. One more thing i love all everyone. And remember your defined not by your worst moments but by who you are going to be through God.

this is the type of stuff i listen to... Though i'd share

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