Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feb. 7th, 2012

I'm challenging myself to start blogging... About anything and everything see if i can get any one's attention i used to blog pretty regularly but now. I'm going to do it everyday. Some days... are going to be very boring but other days, i will have a bit more motivation.

           Today in American govt i had a very interesting conversation with a group of individuals. And one guy in particular hated Christians saying that we were all hypocrites and that we all believed that if its not our way its no way... Then this genius Jose Aroma Viera interjected.. Saying that Jesus never called anyone to a religion, that he called them to faith. And that got me to thinking... What kind of world would we live if people stopped pushing a religion and started telling people about the awesomeness of Jesus. Not that hey you gotta believe us or you gonna rot in Hell... Maybe that's not the best thing to tell skeptics. Idk just my opinion...
           But hey read it follow it idk...Oh yeah check out Jose's music he is amazing.

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