Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It Matters.

 It's weird how thing click so randomly. To be even more random i wasn't even supposed to be here which idk i might have covered. I don't remember. Back on track the trip was about 300 dollars and i hadn't planned on going because of the amount of money. Well my youth pastor and God worked some things out and got together enough money for me to go and then some... The funny part about this is they raised  the money the day before we left for Philly. Amazing how things work out. No. Its amazing how God works. And simply put there is no denying it with out God i wouldn't have made it on the trip.
What does it mean to go on a mission trip? The reality of this idea hit me in the middle of the introduction of  a church service in Philly. I mean yes obviously we are serving people. But is it that manageable of a thought process to absorb.? Well i am here to tell you its not. In the service that we are exemplifying upon others and the community around us there is we are practicing good stewardship, caring for others, branching out to others, engrossing our lives in ethnic groups that quiet frankly we never would be in if it wasn't God's will and most of being disciples spreading the gospel or the good news to people. See you need to get this we as Christ Followers are supposed to be put in uncomfortable situations so we can overcome through God and grow in him. If we were not tested then we would not know where we stood, not that it matters but we as humans need growth and foundation upon which we grow from. 

That being said every act of kindness, wickedness, love, hate, lust, innocence. Every tiny little thing matters. IT MATTERS if you walk passed the girl crying and you don't say a word because you think its not your business. IT MATTERS when a middle-schooler from your youth group is hurting and you go and talk to them telling them words of encouragement reaching out to them making sure they know they are loved. IT MATTERS WHEN THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU THINKS ALL HOPE IS LOST AND YOU TELL THEM THAT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST WE WILL BE SET FREE AND THAT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Get on your knees and repent, confess your sins be convicted by the holy spirit, IT MATTERS.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Every second of everyday we make decisions and each and everyone of them effects the next . I want people to understand that every decision we make is a life changing one. Because something we do now may not affect us until three days from now a week a month a year even. Until we are surrounded by and elaborate web of decisions that we are stuck with and we didn't know when we made them that we would come to the surface or make an impact on our lives or even other peoples. And i know we have heard the timeless cliches you reap what you sow and what goes around comes around. But the truth is these are more than true it even says so in scripture matter of fact Paul dedicated a whole chapter to it in Galatians. Its chapter 6 read it... It may change your outlook on life.  We make tons of microscopic choices every day and it starts that web i was talking about earlier... Because of the choices we make that we think don't matter in our lives or others, we become hardened and complacent to them. I am guilty of this myself... I do it all the time and i often find my self in the middle of the filth of sin that i had committed in past years before i became close to the lord. Regardless those little decisions that were nothing now mean absolutely everything... Girls and guys alike we often think that we are to good to minister and help people that have been engrossed in sin. The bibles says if we think that about others than we are nobodies.Get this go out and minister help those who don't know better as well as those who do but cannot help themselves. Any ways thanks for reading there will be a bunch more here to come in the future, sorry for the sloppiness of my grammar i am exhausted. 

God bless i love you all.