Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bailey Hill- Age

Age is really nothing but a number..
Some say the older you get the more mature you become,
but this isn't always true. Some teenagers have more common
sense, and are more mature than many adults. There are many
rules that are based on being old enough to do things on your 
own, such as being able to drink legally or drive legally. But us,
as teenagers, seem to be able to break those as well. Some adults 
say they are wiser or smarter because they are older, but many younger
people know and understand just as much. As years go by, 
you see more and more teenagers in the newspaper or on the
news for sports or making some sort of big impact. 
So, my message to you is that we can start succeeding now. 
Don't ever let someone tell you that you are 'too' young.
Stand up for your beliefs, take on a challenge, and never
give up because of someone older's criticism. You can be
anyone you want to be!

1 Timothy 4:12
Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young,
but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in
love, in faith, and in purity. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Giving in...


"For to you it has been granted on behalf of Christ, not only to believe in him but to also suffer for his sake."
         Its one thing to believe it is another to act upon it and live by faith in God. When we do we will suffer from wounds/blows from our fleshly needs. But to endure them we have to give into Gods almight grace.
Eventually there will be a time in our lifes were we look back and saty how did i comply to all those useless, pointless longings.You will think about the time you changed how you looked/acted to get the girl/guy or the time you did something redicilous to fit in or get noticed. That is part of what our body wants us as christians to do. More or less we are going to end with the same concluding thoughts or explantions.
This will mean nothing in the eyes of our creator our father, God almighty himself.  In order to somewhat avoid this train of thought we need to live life for Jesus Christ! We all mess up at times which goes back to the fact that we need to give into the fact that God is all forgiving and fall into his Almighty Glory!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bailey Hill- Drifting from God Q&A

Recently I've been asked to give advice on the same topic multiple times.
This is directly from someone, but I'd feel the same towards anyone that
is having this problem. I feel like there may be people out there who don't
 know me, but have the same issue. So if you're having even the slightest doubts in God.
Read this.


-Soo, I've been kinda slipping away from God... 
And like, I really want to be close with him,
 but I have so many doubts and stuff/: Like.. I dunnno..


-The farther away you get from God the easier it is to doubt him. You might have noticed this. The reason you're having these doubts is because you're too far from him to see the great things he's done for you. This is my idea... because this situation has happened to me as well, about a year ago.. Get a Bible, if you have one, great and if not I'll buy one for you♥ But everyy*night before bed, not matter how tired you are, read mm.. let's say a paragraph. Quantity doesn't matter, just as much as you can comprehend that nighttt. It seems like nothing once you start doing it, but it can surely help you realize how much has already been done for you. And help you notice the little things that normally wouldn't go through your mind. I don't dedicate as much time as I should to him, none of us do. I don't go to church every Sunday, better yet I honestly never go.. I hate that, but yet I find other ways to get him in my life, whether it's the music, or just talking to him at night. Also, as you keep drifting away, which is easy as a teenager, it's easier for the devil to mess with your head and thoughts. You might think things are better than before, but truly you're making all the wrong decisions.. I'm not saying that's you, and i don't think it is, but you will often hear something or get a feeling you should back away from doing something or being someone your not. That's God having your back.. For now, just try your best to stay strong, keep your head up and a smile on your face. At night, talk to him. Tell him you're having doubts, but that you need him in your life. Ask for help and explain your worries! You can do it, babeee! I'm here EVERY step of the way. I promise ♥


In this so called thing of life aren't we all pieces, tools and players!
I mean if you seriously think about it literally speaking, we either are being put into place to fit for a bigger picture or being used for the greater cause or even playing trying to get ahead in life and the pursuit of happiness. It all sounds so clique if you just hear it. But put it to thought we have brains for a reason. I do realise the tone of this post is very different then the other ones and that is for specific reason. Life needs a balance. With out it we become corrupt we cant all just cant expect to go through life living as players and expect to not get played. Or being a tool without getting banged up in the process.
The moral of this is literal take life as it comes expect the unexpected work for the greater cause whatever you think that may be or know trust in something bigger than you and don't play cause eventually it'll come back to haunt you.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bailey Hill- Words Are Powerful

When you hear of abuse, stealing, or pain you probably think of an action. You might picture someone robbing a bank or maybe someone punching another person. But words can commit crimes just as hurtful as these.

James 3:6 says "The tongue is a flame of fire. It is a whole world of wickedness, corrupting your entire body."

Words can do things as powerful as legally promise marriage to as hurtful as causing someone to commit suicide. These days, words are thrown all over the place. People say love and hate without reason or truth to back them up. It's easy to fall for people's tricks and lies are unbreakable habits to some. I'm someone who many rely on for advice or come to talk to about problems. Often, the biggest problems are caused by someone saying too much or holding back and not saying enough. It's hard to express feelings and show how much you care in words, but encouragement is always on a person's list of 'needs'. Always remember to thank those who have done the littlest of things for you and make sure you tell the people who matter most, how much you appreciate them.

Thought #3 Leadership

Leadership is often thought of as some one that has the ability or power to boss you around or tell you what to do. Even more often to do we as human being have a major problem with our "leaders". My thought is why?

The reason i think we have problems with our leaders or even more so our author figures is because of our free will. Just as much as I am aware that i suffer from the common affliction of being stubborn and hard headed. We need to think positively in life their not all out to get us! The vast majority of our leaders/authority figures have one thing that is common amongst them 1 personal gain 2 hard work and dedication. Not saying that this is the case for all our leaders. I also know that some of us are born to be leaders strong of mind, ability, and will power. I am one of those. And as a natural leader sometimes we cant have our own life dealing with other peoples problems becomes the life we are live.
But! Leaders are sometimes way more than bossy maltempered people who are ahead of us on the food chain, leaders can also be defined as people we look up to for advice or a explaining. Some one caring and compassionate who knows how to work with others.

Sooooo, if you are one of those people mentioned in the above paragraph that doesn't have a life at times do to other peoples problems here is some advice. Step back and take a breather and let people do things for themselves who knows they might surprise you.
God Bless

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trey Stewart: thought #2 Family

Let me clarify i am sharing this page with Bailey Hill.

I will make it quick. Nothing in life is easy, one of the hardest things in it is dealing and containing your family.
It is all worth it. As a family a ton of things can change and the effects of those changes can be small or cataclysmic. But the point is no matter how messed up crazy, superficial, religious, wacky, silly or embarrassing your family is you will need them to pick you up when your down. No matter if its once or twenty times. A lot of people don't realise how important family is. So if your reading this I'm going to ask you to challenge yourselves. I want you to call that uncle its been years since you've heard there name, that grandma that is old and weak, the odd ball cousin. And just talk to them doesn't have to be hours and hours just 10-15min can make a difference in that persons week.  Remember family will always be the most stable thing in your life wether you want them to or not. So make and effort. Keep them in your prayers (thoughts), because you never know when you will be down begging for someone to pick you up.
God Bless!

Bailey Hill- In your last breathe how will you be remembered

So, I was just starting to drift away in sleep when I was woken up by the thought that I wasn’t breathing. I immediately lifted my head up to realize that my assumption was just my brain trying to trick me. As usual, I was over-thinking the situation and began to wonder why life is so short. In my case, living a full lets say..90 years is only 6 times my current age. Even though this blows my mind, I had to think of some ways to conquer my fear of not finding my purpose. First, I needed to find something to be known for. If something insane happened now, I would be known as the fifteen year old girl at All Saints’ who enjoyed dancing. But I want to be someone that’s remembered for changing something for the better or inspiring someone. As a teenager, I know that most of us spend time doing things that satisfy ourselves. We don’t give attention to the things or people that deserve it most. For example, the Lord. 

Even though the Bible says not to, there was a little part of me that had always feared death, dying, and seeing others die. After grasping all of these thoughts, I decided to talk to God. I told him about my fear and asked him to help me find ways to release the tension and worry I had on my shoulders. Honestly, I felt his presence like never before. I understood that everyone had a purpose to live and that there was a reason for each and every one of us to be on this Earth. I woke up the next day ready to take on whatever was in store for me. Ironically, in my second class of the day my teacher told me to stay after the bell. I did and he ended up telling me how recently he had heard about my strong faith and wanted to applaud me because every time he heard my name it was very positive and brought a smile to his face. Of course this gave me courage, but it also lead me to ponder about those who don’t get complimented or even acknowledged. In order to keep this society going, we need to show love to others and help each other accomplish our goals. I am willing to do what I can to spread God’s word and make an impact. Will you? 


Monday, January 3, 2011

Better and Past

By definition better is something superior in quality or condition or effect. Well I am here to say the word *better* is quiet more complex than that. What i mean by this is *better* of course has a some what negative connotation to it. The word thrives on the fact that something in the past was either bad enough or simply not satisfactory with your wishes and/or desires.
In my experience so far i have went to 5 different high schools. I'm not socially awkward so one of the things that i heard a good deal about was something being in the past. Well the past is more relevant than a good majority of us realise. The reason for this thought is of course the age old saying that history repeats itself. If  I'm not mistaken history is in the past and has influenced the present, little do we know or care to know it will influence the future.

Now you have read all this and are wondering why in the world are those to things relevant to me??? Well they very well may not be.
I can tell you if you want in one hand and poop in the other and see which one fills up faster 9 times out of 10 the hand you poo in will fill up faster. Think about it instead of wanting things to get *better* act on them do something about it. To many Americans sit around and wait for opportunities and look how the economy is suffering and our lives as a whole.
Back to my thoughts about the past the decision YOU  made will eventually effect something in your life. The only way to go about life is by thinking. Don't act on impulse that's how things start to degrade in our life's when we go off impulse we are thinking about our bodily needs not what is better for ourselves, our families and more importantly our walk with God. We were given free will for a reason use it to your advantage make life worth while make the right decisions now and when they become the past the outcome will be worth it!
God Bless.