Monday, January 3, 2011

Better and Past

By definition better is something superior in quality or condition or effect. Well I am here to say the word *better* is quiet more complex than that. What i mean by this is *better* of course has a some what negative connotation to it. The word thrives on the fact that something in the past was either bad enough or simply not satisfactory with your wishes and/or desires.
In my experience so far i have went to 5 different high schools. I'm not socially awkward so one of the things that i heard a good deal about was something being in the past. Well the past is more relevant than a good majority of us realise. The reason for this thought is of course the age old saying that history repeats itself. If  I'm not mistaken history is in the past and has influenced the present, little do we know or care to know it will influence the future.

Now you have read all this and are wondering why in the world are those to things relevant to me??? Well they very well may not be.
I can tell you if you want in one hand and poop in the other and see which one fills up faster 9 times out of 10 the hand you poo in will fill up faster. Think about it instead of wanting things to get *better* act on them do something about it. To many Americans sit around and wait for opportunities and look how the economy is suffering and our lives as a whole.
Back to my thoughts about the past the decision YOU  made will eventually effect something in your life. The only way to go about life is by thinking. Don't act on impulse that's how things start to degrade in our life's when we go off impulse we are thinking about our bodily needs not what is better for ourselves, our families and more importantly our walk with God. We were given free will for a reason use it to your advantage make life worth while make the right decisions now and when they become the past the outcome will be worth it!
God Bless.

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