Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bailey Hill- In your last breathe how will you be remembered

So, I was just starting to drift away in sleep when I was woken up by the thought that I wasn’t breathing. I immediately lifted my head up to realize that my assumption was just my brain trying to trick me. As usual, I was over-thinking the situation and began to wonder why life is so short. In my case, living a full lets say..90 years is only 6 times my current age. Even though this blows my mind, I had to think of some ways to conquer my fear of not finding my purpose. First, I needed to find something to be known for. If something insane happened now, I would be known as the fifteen year old girl at All Saints’ who enjoyed dancing. But I want to be someone that’s remembered for changing something for the better or inspiring someone. As a teenager, I know that most of us spend time doing things that satisfy ourselves. We don’t give attention to the things or people that deserve it most. For example, the Lord. 

Even though the Bible says not to, there was a little part of me that had always feared death, dying, and seeing others die. After grasping all of these thoughts, I decided to talk to God. I told him about my fear and asked him to help me find ways to release the tension and worry I had on my shoulders. Honestly, I felt his presence like never before. I understood that everyone had a purpose to live and that there was a reason for each and every one of us to be on this Earth. I woke up the next day ready to take on whatever was in store for me. Ironically, in my second class of the day my teacher told me to stay after the bell. I did and he ended up telling me how recently he had heard about my strong faith and wanted to applaud me because every time he heard my name it was very positive and brought a smile to his face. Of course this gave me courage, but it also lead me to ponder about those who don’t get complimented or even acknowledged. In order to keep this society going, we need to show love to others and help each other accomplish our goals. I am willing to do what I can to spread God’s word and make an impact. Will you?

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