Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trey Stewart: thought #2 Family

Let me clarify i am sharing this page with Bailey Hill.

I will make it quick. Nothing in life is easy, one of the hardest things in it is dealing and containing your family.
It is all worth it. As a family a ton of things can change and the effects of those changes can be small or cataclysmic. But the point is no matter how messed up crazy, superficial, religious, wacky, silly or embarrassing your family is you will need them to pick you up when your down. No matter if its once or twenty times. A lot of people don't realise how important family is. So if your reading this I'm going to ask you to challenge yourselves. I want you to call that uncle its been years since you've heard there name, that grandma that is old and weak, the odd ball cousin. And just talk to them doesn't have to be hours and hours just 10-15min can make a difference in that persons week.  Remember family will always be the most stable thing in your life wether you want them to or not. So make and effort. Keep them in your prayers (thoughts), because you never know when you will be down begging for someone to pick you up.
God Bless!

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