Monday, January 10, 2011

Thought #3 Leadership

Leadership is often thought of as some one that has the ability or power to boss you around or tell you what to do. Even more often to do we as human being have a major problem with our "leaders". My thought is why?

The reason i think we have problems with our leaders or even more so our author figures is because of our free will. Just as much as I am aware that i suffer from the common affliction of being stubborn and hard headed. We need to think positively in life their not all out to get us! The vast majority of our leaders/authority figures have one thing that is common amongst them 1 personal gain 2 hard work and dedication. Not saying that this is the case for all our leaders. I also know that some of us are born to be leaders strong of mind, ability, and will power. I am one of those. And as a natural leader sometimes we cant have our own life dealing with other peoples problems becomes the life we are live.
But! Leaders are sometimes way more than bossy maltempered people who are ahead of us on the food chain, leaders can also be defined as people we look up to for advice or a explaining. Some one caring and compassionate who knows how to work with others.

Sooooo, if you are one of those people mentioned in the above paragraph that doesn't have a life at times do to other peoples problems here is some advice. Step back and take a breather and let people do things for themselves who knows they might surprise you.
God Bless

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