Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb 8th, 2012

Today i took a listen to pure music challenge... It will be one of the most hard things in the world to do. Don't get me wrong i am going to succeed but it wont be easy. 
On the other hand how often do are we driving on the road of life without a map... Just winging it. Taking back roads to nowhere and highways to regret. Or even getting some positive things out of the experiences we have. Well think about it this way whether you want to realize it or not our life isn't in our own hands. Sure we have free will. But if God wants us to come home. Then we as Christians have no other choice. On another note, where do we draw the line saying this is enough? I'm tired of being hurt, I'm tired of being depressed, I'm tired of being stuck in this clique, just being tired to the point of breaking down. Or do we put one foot forward and be different and say hey... I'm not really like you I'm like ME. And ME as an INDIVIDUAL believes in God and is not perfect but is striving everyday. Sure i have mishaps but i am a Christ Follower and through him all things are possible.

In youth group today at Merge Student Ministries i was listening to J.J. Gawlowicz talk about this amazing winter retreat we went on two weekends ago. There was tons of bonding in the group and of the multitude of people who were at the event people stepped up out of no where. I mean middle school kids taking charge people who I had never heard talk before making a voice for themselves through Christ. But it dawned on me i had been part of that trip for 2 years consecutive and unfortunately next year i will not be able to go. I began to wonder to myself have i impacted the people around me enough to where i will live on through their decisions and thought process will my actions help these amazing individuals shape their lives to become something great or will they say... Oh yeah Trey ha ha he was.... coool? Idk food for thought I guess ...
That is all see yous guys tomorrow...

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