Sunday, April 22, 2012

He is...

           Last night I went to a church service, now this is different in a couple of ways. 1 it was a Saturday, 2 it was at 7pm, and 3 Matt Chandler was there... Look him up he is amazing. See during the time he was speaking i was trying my absolute best to keep up with everything that was being said, but that isn't the most easy thing to do when Matt Chandler is throwing the Gospel down your throat. And i mean this in the best way possible he was giving out so much knowledge i even as deep as i am couldn't keep up. After he made his last point and wrapped up the service with a prayer, the seven of us that attended left. It is a 45 minute ride home but we stop to get some food. This entire time i sat in quiet and we are almost completely home before i thought i was done processing what he said. And to be honest i wasn't even close. I mean the magnitude of his speaking was incredible. It gave me cold chills when he depicted how God ruthlessly and viciously pursued after him and how that through these series of events he finally surrendered. And i was bewildered when i started to think... well i was like that too. Why couldn't i go looking out for Jesus and not vice-versa? I sadly never came to the conclusion. Something he said later struck home. He said that he doesn't what his kids to have to be in that situation he said that he wants them from the day they are born to know Jesus and love him. He said he wanted there walk to be continuous and to have never ending growth. I don't know what that looks like. Because well my growth falters from time to time.I have had a rocky past full of sin and evil deeds against God, but another thing he said is compared to the men and women of the Bible we are JV sinners. That we have nothing against these people. So what makes our sin so much different than theirs? Nothing at all our sin is no better or worse than theirs was. Nothing we do is any greater a sin or lesser a sin than what happened back in biblical times. 
           See the point behind all of those details was that God is bigger than you and I and that no matter how many times we screw things up, stumble, and quite frankly fail at being a Christ Follower, Jesus died on the cross for us! Nothing we can do can thwart that. EVER...

Do you get it? Jesus went through hell on Earth so that we could find eternal life. So we don't only live once, so we don't lose hope, so we don't die, and alone not knowing true love. He is... Love... Compassion... Forgiveness... Grace... Hope... Joy... Happiness... He is ultimately as Christ Followers our identity... He is.

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