Sunday, March 6, 2011

Plants Submerged Stewart, Trey

As Christ followers we are like plants. Plants with stunted growth due to the masses that believe in fueling their fleshly cravings and urges or people who flat out don't believe in Christ. We are those plants that you so seldom see poking out of the paved streets and sidewalks which are the foundation of every where we travel in life. As these plants all we strive for is the light of day. When we finally end up in the sun which God our eternal father created we are cut back with the weed wacker sprayed with a chemical or we are caught by a creeping vine that latches on and steals our thoughts and drains our perspectives. The vine the weed wacker and the pesticide are all things subjected to the devils grasp, easily manipulated to the things of this world all working to destroy us as Christ followers. Take a second and think logically how many of these plants sticking out of the cement are alone... And if alone are they alive? Yeah not many last in the sun when they are alone. Alone we are more easily destroyed by the weed wacker, the chemicals and vines.
CHRIST FOLLOWERS ARE A DYING RACE. We are becoming so accessible by the worldly desires that we aren't spreading the gospel we are hoping it will catch on. We are weakened with out the Lord in our lives. We as Christ Followers are not meant to sit back and watch the Earth fall to pieces. So when we finally get to bask in the sun help the others to push through the "concrete" which is SIN, DESIRE, TEMPTATION AND MOST OF ALL FACING ADVERSITY. 


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